Introduction: How to Mark Playing Cards - Instructable

Learn how to professionally mark a deck of playing cards and fool your friends every time.

Step 1: Materials Reqired

(1) deck of Bicycle (tm) rider back playing cards
(1) exacto knife, or, a regular razor knife will suffice
(1) hour of your time - 45 min if you have mad focus skills and don't take frequent smoke breaks.

Step 2: Arrange the Deck

Order the deck from (A)low to (K)high while grouping the like cards.

Step 3: Begin Marking

Mark the cards by very lightly scratching an etch in the paint of the two wheels at the top and bottom of the card with your knife.

The left wheel identifies the value of the card while the right wheel identifies the suit

The next step I will show you my methodology for marking.

Step 4: Method for Marking

If you would like you can use my code for marking displayed below or better yet just use it as an Idea for a code that will work for YOU and be easy for you to remember.