Introduction: DIY Mason Jar Candles

This is my own version of DIY Mason Jar Candles! Most of the supplies pictured were either bought from Hobby Lobby or just around my kitchen.

You can simply buy a candle making kit but this version allows for more individualization. Most kits will come with a tin melting pot that has a handle; this will make it somewhat easier especially when you begin to pour, but I simply used a home-made version of a double boiler.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project I used:

1. Premium Wax (if you would like a more natural candle you can buy either soy wax or beeswax)

2. 1 mason jar (this one was about 7 ounces)

3. 3.5" inch wicks

4. 1 four (4) cup Pyrex glass measuring cup

5. 1 pot big enough for the Pyrex to fit in

*Items 4 and 5 will be your double boiler!

6. Your choice of candle scents (all of those I bought were 1/2 oz. bottles)

7. A stove

8. 1 thermometer (optional)

9. 1 measuring syringe (optional)

10. Coloring (optional)

Step 2: Prepare Your Wax

The wax I used came in four (4) 1lb. blocks. One (1) 1lb. block will fill a one (1) pint mason jar so depending on what size jar you have you may have to cut your wax; I simply cut this wax with a large carving knife.

Step 3: Set Up Your Double Boiler

Simply fill your pot with water (about 1/4 of the way depending on the size of the pot) and set your Pyrex measuring cup in the pot. Place your wax in the Pyrex.

Step 4: Set Up Your Mason Jar

In order to prevent your wick from moving when you pour your liquid wax, you have to anchor it. Some candle kits come with wooden dowels, but I simply used two crayon pencils and some tape. These wicks don't reach above the lip of the jar so I taped two wicks together and anchored them that way. Some kits suggest using a dab of hot glue or some of your melting wax to station your wick to the bottom of your jar. However, after going through an unsuccessful trial before, I suggest you simply anchor your wick well and pour slowly.

Step 5: Melt Your Wax

This is where you wait. With your stove on medium heat, it shouldn't take too long for your wax to melt. I suggest you step up your jar in the meantime.

*Also, having an extra pot with some boiling water set aside is a good idea. This is so you don't have to take your wax completely off the boiler if you need more water. Simply lift your Pyrex (don't forget a pot holder! it will be very hot!) and pour more water if needed.

Step 6: Pick Your Scent

For this candle, I chose a Peppermint scent. The instructions say that a one (1) 1/2 oz bottle should be used for a one (1) lb. block of wax. Since I cut my wax to a little less than 1/2 a lb. I used about one (1) and a half milliliters of scent. Using more scent will also make the candle smell stronger, so depending on you preference, pour carefully. Once you have your amount, simply pour the scent into your melted wax and stir (I used a spoon).

This is also where you would want to add any color if you choose to. I've seen color as either a sand consistency that you pour in your melted wax or color "tabs". For tabs, you simply want to break a wanted amount off and let melt. For the sand, you simply pour in your desired amount and stir. Depending on the color you want, you may have to add more coloring or break them up.

Step 7: Warm Your Jar (this Step Is Optional)

Warming your jar can help prevent cracking your jar as you pour. I simply put my jar in a smaller pot with boiling water but you can also use a hair dryer.

Step 8: Your Ready to Pour!

You'll want to do this step very carefully!

If your pouring on a non-heat resistant surface (aka it will melt or burn when exposed heat) make sure you have something under your jar to protect your surface. I was pouring on a wood table so I used a pot holder. Since I warmed my jar, I kept the jar in the smaller pot with warm water so I could avoid picking up a hot jar. You'll still want something under your jar even if you don't warm it.

When you begin pouring, make sure you protect your hands! You'll want to lift your Pyrex (after you've donned your protection) out of your double boiler and begin pouring into your jar. Make sure you don't pour over your anchor or your wick. Gently pour the wax to your desired height but DO NOT COVER YOUR WICK. You'll also want to leave enough wick so you can trim it before you use your candle.

Step 9: Let Cool.....

Another waiting step. *sighs*

Step 10: Top It Off!

This step is also optional. Depending on the temperature at which you pour, you may have some sinkage in your candle as it starts to firm up. Keep some of your wax in liquid form on the stove for this step.

Step 11: Tada! Your Done!

Once your candle completely hardens, simply trim the wick a little and it's good to go! You can customize it with decorations as a gift or simply let the burning commence.