Introduction: DIY: Mason Jar Chandelier

Recently, we refinished an old dresser and revamped a plain white rug, but we weren’t sure what to tackle next. Then the light came on: a rustic chandelier to provide perfect ambiance for a summer dinner party. Good thing we saved the leftover Mason jars from our pickling video.

– Series by Beryl Shereshewsky and Allegra Scarano

– Video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Allegra Scarano, Vivek Kemp and Brendon Schulze


Electric drill with a 1½-inch circle drill bit

Measuring tape


Wood plank of your choice (stay away from pine; it’s very sappy)

Mason jars


Wood stain



To make the holes for the Mason jars, drill halfway through, then flip the board over and finish drilling. This will give you an even, clean cut.

If you plan to stain the wood like we did, wipe the stain before it dries so it doesn’t look blotchy.

To hang the chandelier, cut two long pieces of rope and tie an overhand knot on each diagonal end. This forms an “X” at the top from which to hang it.

Make sure you position the chandelier in a safe place, away from low-hanging branches.