Introduction: DIY Mega Head Flashlight With 6x10W LEDs

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This is my new head flashlight. I know it looks a bit strange, but it shines as much as the lights in the car. I installed 6 leds each with 10W. All powered from a 14.4v battery from a cordless drill. This is the most powerful flashlight I have had in my entire life. To build this flashlight I used the previous project ( Diy LED lights panel for 5$ - Cheap and Easy 6 x 10W ) where I step by step described how to do it.

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Diy LED lights panel for 5$ - Cheap and Easy 6 x 10W

Step 1: Components

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Below is an example of plexiglass cutting.

Step 3: Grinding the Edges

After cutting the plexiglass the edges are not smooth, that is why I am sanding them.

Step 4: Drilling Holes

Now I can fit plexiglass into a plastic box and drill the mounting holes.

Step 5: Mounting LM2596

Time to mount the LM2596. LM2596 is step down converter and I use this as leds driver.In addition, I added a rectifier diode, this protects against reverse polarity.

Step 6: Adjust the Current on LM2596

Adjust current on LM29. Just now I set the current at 0.5A, it is only for testing.I use a screwdriver to set the correct current.

Step 7: Putting Everything Together

Now I can put everything together and test how it works.

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