Introduction: DIY Metal Pipe Floor Lamp With Charging Station

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This project was inspired by a light bulb--the Feit 3D Infinity Fireworks bulb. We saw it online and ordered one, then we ordered a second, and then a third! Take a look at the statement standing lamp Steph made with the three bulbs. Bonus, no wiring as we used a 3-socket cord set.

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Links below are affiliated and included as a convenience to the reader as these are the exact parts we used.


Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Clean and Wax Pipe

The first step, always, when using metal pipe, is to clean it. Steph is using mineral spirits and Scotch Brite pad to clean all the pieces.

We've used metal pipe in many projects and have found a coat of wax is the perfect finish after cleaning. Simply follow the directions for the wax you are using.

Step 3: Stain Completed Base

The base instructions are not included in this tutorial but can be accessed from this link. Briefly, this is what we did: To create our concrete base we found a plastic bowl the size and shape we wanted. We hot glued a metal pipe cap upside down into the center of the bottom of the bowl. We mixed up Quikrete countertop, filled the bowl, smoothed the top, and let cure.

Once the base was stained and dry, we added felt to the bottom. We cut the felt out on a Cricut Maker just because we have one and it's easy to do. But scissors will do the job just fine.

Step 4: Cut Space for Power Strip

Steph created a template of the power strip opening needed on the Cricut Maker to make it easy to get the exact opening size. It was cut with a jigsaw then stained to match the concrete base. Once dry, the upper and lower flanges were attached with screws.

Step 5: Assemble

Insert the power strip into the table opening and screw in place. Now it's a matter of screwing all the pipes pieces together. The 3-socket set is wrapped around the pipes and the three sockets are placed an equal distance apart although at various levels for more interest. Screw in the bulbs, plug in the cord, and light it up!

The socket set is plugged into a smart plug that is connected to a motion sensor and when someone walks past it the light turns on for thirty minutes. It's all controlled through Alexa.

Step 6: Extras

For reading, we plugged a USB powered mini light into the power strip and a lighting cable to charge a phone. A clamp-on camera boom arm provides a place to add a phone for a little hands-free Netflix binging.

Check out the full project on our website!

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