DIY MiNi Music Tesla Coil Kit

Introduction: DIY MiNi Music Tesla Coil Kit

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The Tesla coil can produce high temperature and high pressure plasma, which can sing, ignition, wireless transmission, and light fluorescent lamp. It has a wonderful arc. It is a very interesting small production of scientific experiments. This is DIY Tesla coil Kit parts, which needs to be soldered and assembled by yourself.


1. PCB size: 4.0mm*8.0mm

2. Power: 15W

3. Power input: DC 15-24v. The current is 2A. DC5.5 interface / pin

4. Audio input: 3.5 socket, can be connected to mobile phone, MP3, computer audio

Step 1: Install 4pcs Resistor

Step 2: Install LEDs, Capacitor, Audio Socket and Power Socket

Step 3: Install the Heat Sink for 2pcs IC

Step 4: Fixed 2pcs IC

Step 5: Install Coil

Step 6: Done!

Step 7: Video About This Tesla Kit

If you want to have a try, click here to get this Mini Music Tesla Kit from us ^0^

Thanks for your watching, hope you will like this interesting kit.

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