DIY Millennium Falcon Wall Clock

Introduction: DIY Millennium Falcon Wall Clock

First of all: This instructable can be done with any theme you want! I decided to make one from Star Wars, as it was a gift for a friend who's into this.

To start, simply print your design and cut it out.

Step 1: Bring Your Design to Wood

Use your cutted design and just mark the edge with a pencil.

This will be your cutting line later!

Step 2: Cut the Wood

You should have your marking on the wood.

Now mark the center of your piece for the placement of the clock.

Take your jigsaw and cut it out. Please make sure that you use safety glasses!

Quick-Tipp for your jigsaw:

Turn your jigsaw speed high for making circular cuts and do not force it!

Also you do not need your Pendulum for this project as you need sharp cuts (you'd lose details)

Step 3: Sanding Time

Sand the piece with an orbital sander, and the edges/detailed parts by hand.

Start with 120/180 and make a second one with 240/300.

Step 4: Optional Step: Remarking

Due to the sanding I had to mark the hole for the clock again.

If you face the same problem, you might also do this step again.

Step 5: Drill the Hole

Select the right Drill for the Clock. You may take a size bigger as it has to fit easily through the hole.

Use a second piece of wood for a cleaner drill hole.

Step 6: Optional Step: Make Room for the Clockwork

If you did not use a wood with correct thikness, you will have to use a router now.

So to prepare this, turn your wood and place the clockwork and mark the edges.

Also check the required thickness and adjust your router for this.

Before you start routing your project, you may want to make a trial-cutting in an other piece of wood to check your settings!

Step 7: Final Checking

Place your clockwork and check if everything is cutted as you want.

If you need any changes, make them now!

Step 8: Painting ... Ugh!!

Time to paint! - aaaaand I am so not into painting things (as you might see in the results).

So if you know someone who can do this, ask this person ... you will thank yourself for doing this later on :)

Step 9: Put Everything Together

If the paint is dry, you only need to put everything in place.

Voil√°: you have a custum Wall Clock.

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    6 years ago

    Looks good


    6 years ago

    Should of glued the picture to the wood no need for paining then


    6 years ago

    This turned out great! I like clocks a lot!