Introduction: DIY Mineral Water (Klastorna)

You can transform tap water into any mineral water by adding salts, carbonates and carbonating. These instructions will use Portland Oregon tap water and clone Klastorna from Slovakia.

Check out the Uncorked Studios blog for more information!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

gram scale

plastic cup or weigh boat

a spoon

magnesium hydroxide

calcium carbonate


5 gallon cornelius "Corney" keg w/ fittings

co2 tank and regulator

Step 2: Prep Keg

Clean out keg. This is especially important if had previously been used to store soda or beer. Use starsan and be sure to clean the o-rings

Step 3: Fill and Dechlorinate

Fill keg and let sit overnight with top opened. This should let the chlorine dissipate.

Step 4: Carbonate Water

This forms carbonic acid which helps the minerals to dissolve

Step 5: Add Minerals

Place cup or boat on your scale and tare. Add 5.60 grams of magnesium hydroxide OR 8.10 grams of magnesium carbonate. Tare. Add 0.05 grams of calcium carbonate. Note that this is only for Portland tap water as an input. Use information from your city or county's water report and this spreadsheet. Dump minerals into keg of water and reinstall lid.

Step 6: Carbonate

Add co2 gas to mineral water. Carbonation will be aided by chilling water and/or agitating. It will take 1-2 days to be fully carbonated.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Drink your newly created mineral water!