Introduction: DIY Mini Fan

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This is how to make a mini fan. Mine works pretty well and is actually pretty powerful. This fan is great for travel or for spending a day outside when it is really hot.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

Fan Blade

DC Motor

9V Battery (Rechargeable preferably)

9V Battery Snap


Hot Glue Gun, with glue

Soldering Iron, with solder

Plastic Spoons (Optional)

Step 2: Cut Off the Ends of the Spoons

I just cut the ends off with a pair of scissors. This step is not necessary if you are not using the spoons. I only used the spoons because the blade I was using was very small.

Step 3: Glue on the Spoon Tips

I glued the spoon tips onto the blades of my fan blade with a hot glue gun. I got the blade out of an old hair dryer and it was very small. I glued the spoons tips on to help it catch a little more air. Again this step is not necessary if you are not using the spoon tips.

Step 4: Glue Down the Motor

I glued down the motor using hot glue. Glue it to the flat side OPPOSITE of the terminals.

Step 5: Add the Blade

The blade did not fit on the motor perfectly, so I just put it on and covered it in hot glue.

Step 6: Add the Button

At first I tried using a switch, but I probably have the world's worst solder and soldering iron. Instead I used a button, but you can attempt a switch if you want. One problem that I had was that the blade from the hairdryer was designed to suck in air instead of blow it out, so I had to make sure the motor spun the opposite way. To do this I just soldered the black wire on the battery snap to the red wire on the motor. Then I soldered/glued the black wire on the motor and the red wire on the battery snap to the button. Then I hot glued the button to the side of the battery with the button facing away from the blade. You do not have to wire this oppositely if you have a blade that blows out air.

Step 7: Stay Cool

Now that everything is put together, make sure that everything is working correctly. Make sure that no wires have fallen out of place or that every time you press the button the blade doesn't hit your thumb. If it is not working make sure that the battery is charged first. If it is not the battery check all of your connections. If it is not those then you probably have a faulty motor or button.

Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoy your brand new mini fan, it's great for traveling. If you want you can even make a little base to stand it on. In the meantime, stay cool!

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