Introduction: DIY Mini Pond

Hi guys,

I love water. I think it has a calming effect which I really enjoy. Since a few years I'm living in the city in an apartment building. I have a terrace/balcony but I miss nature and in particular water. So I've decided to build my own mini pond. It is very simple, everybody can do it. In addition, it is not expensive at all. All you need is

Step 1: Wooden Box

First, you need to build a wooden box for the mixer tub.To make the build even easier, I bought wooden panels just a tad larger than the mixer tub.

  • Connect the 4 side panels with wood screws. I've used 2 screws for each corner.
  • In order to strengthen the box I've added 1 panel at the floor which carries the weight of the tub when filled with water.
  • To make life easier, you can mount wheels at the bottom. Once filled with water, your mini pond is going to be quite heavy.

Step 2: Plants and Decoration

  • Before filling the tub with water, you should add plants and decoration.
  • Make sure you place aquatic plants in the right depth. I have 2 different zones as water lilies need more depth than for example mentha aquatica.
  • Use containers for the plants, so they don't spread too much.
  • Gently fill in the water.
  • Decorate with stones to get a more natural look.

Step 3: Solar Pump

  • You should add a pump for water circulation. I used a solar pump to be independent of a power source.
  • I put the hose into a terra-cotta amphorae to get a cool looking water spitter.
  • Put the solar panel at a sunny place

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