DIY Mini Adjustable Power Supply

Introduction: DIY Mini Adjustable Power Supply

About: Mahdi Aghaziarati, Mechatronics engineering student, interested in design, construction and development

Hello friends, in this project I am going to show you how to build a 1.2 to 32 volt 5 amp power supply.By making this project, you can control: motor speed, lamp light, circuit voltage, etc.

Step 1: Items Needed

1- LM338 (TO-220 Package) 1 pcs

2- Potentiometer 4.7K 1 pcs

3- 1N4007 2 pcs

4-270 ohm Resistor 1W 1 pcs

5-Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 10uF, 50V 2 pcs

6-Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 1000uF, 50V 1 pcs

7- 100nF Capacitor 2 pcs

8- 2 pin connector 2 pcs

9- DC Voltmeter 1 pcs

10- Project Case 1 pcs (To the desired size)

11- female dc plug 1 pcs (According to the photo)

12- copper sheets 6*6 CM 1 pcs

Step 2: Schematic

Using the included schematic, you can see how the parts are connected to each other. Use the attached file for a more detailed review

Step 3: PCB

Use the attached file to print your pcb using common methods.Using the photos, you can see the steps of printing, acid work and perforation


Step 4: Electronic Board Assembly

Assemble the parts on the board using the pictures. Pay attention to the polarity of the parts.Note: A connection above or below the board must be made by wire. The connection is highlighted in red in the image

Step 5: Final Assembly

In this step, you have to put the board in the box. This step depends on your talent, but you can also get help from the photos.According to the photos: drill the location of the sockets, cut the location of the voltmeter, drill the location of the potentiometer .You can make electronic connections inside the box using schematics.Get the voltmeter power from the input and the voltmeter signal from the output Positive.Finally, close the box lid.

Step 6: Project Testing

At this stage we will test the project. The input voltage is converted by the device to a controllable output voltage.The maximum input voltage is 32 volts.

Your project is complete. Good luck

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