Introduction: DIY Mini Spy FM Radio Transmitter - Smallest FM Transmitter Ever

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Hi this is Kedar here so If wanted to spy on anyone this instructable is for you today we are going to make a FM transmitter bug spy that will transmit the audio onto Fm frequencies

This bug is impressively tiny so you can you fit it in any kind of spaces and you can hide it quite easily also it has rechargeable battery which can last for 50 minutes of use also you can adjust send the frequency of your choice So let's get started !

Before You Go In I Recommend To Watch Full Tutorial And Test Of This FM Transmitter

Step 1: Challenges to Make Small Fm Transmitter

Now if you do a quick little Google Search on to FM transmitter circuit You will get quite a lot of results and they work really good if you prototype onto your bread board but the biggest problem is the size no matter which design you choose size will be at least as big as Your Fm so it won't make your Bug Spy

so i was searching FM transmitter on ebay and I found this very tiny land really interesting FM transmitter module this module has a built-in microphone and adjustable frequency Potentiometer so I decided to buy this and test whether it works!

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1) Fm Transmitter Module

2) 3.7v Lipo

Step 2: How to Make Fm Transmitter Bug

Well this is one of the easiest DIY project I have ever done !

1. Take Your FM transmitter microphone circuit and hook up a 3.7 volt battery at its positive and negative terminals

2. Cheap alternative to the lipo battery yo can use Two 1.5v Button cells in series

3.Middle terminal of this board is your antenna now without antenna its range is very limited there is no antenna that is Ultra small and still do the job of increasing the range I found a solution to make a antenna by yourself

4.I used a conductive copper foil tape which can be sticked on to the back side of the battery in plus shaped like shown in the picture and after that solder to the middle terminal of FM transmitter board so there it is guy's your FM transmitter is ready now !

Step 3: How to Brodcast Your Voice on FM

Check check mic check...

ok friends so if you follwed each step perfectly your voice should be already transmitting onto FM frequencies so be little bit Careful !

Anyways How to find frequency on to which Your FM transmitter is transmitting on you can use any kind of a FM receiver i Used my smartphone since it can also record my audio

No use auto scan feature and scan thorugh channels and eventually you'll find your own voice coming through FM receiver

Also you can do this opposite way you can adjust the frequency on to your FM transmitter bug you need to use a small trimmer Potentiometer screwdriver and gently turn the Potentiometer in anticlockwise way don't force too hard or it might break

This Procedure is shown in this video

Step 4: How's the Sound Quality and Range ?

Guys this is a very common question well how's the sound quality and how much far it can go , to really experience what I am talking about you should have to listen to the sound quality tested in my video

So the mic is really sensitive I mean it can also capture a pin drop silence so if you place a transmitter in one room it can still hear from another room also if any one whispering quietly still you can hear their voices clearly I doubt you can use it as a wireless mic for your DSLR

FM transmitter Range is about ~10 to 30 metres it depends on the size of antenna small copper foil antenna will get you 10 meters and if a person is holding this FM transmitter whole persons body act as an antenna and you can get up to ~20 metres of range nice dedicated antean will give you up to ~30 metres not bad imean take a loook at it's size !

Step 5: 007 Think Like a James Bond !

007 Think like a James Bond !

Now you have ability to spy on anybody and you have no reasons to say no to you you have the money you have a soldering iron get yourself and try this like this for your own and you can you hide this one because of its size I think it can go in any kind of spaces just don't get afraid when you got a shocking secret from any person 's Voice.

So there's always guys hey guys I always bring you fresh and cool DIY Projects for you Now it's your time to share my project with your best friends and do a little favour on me videos check out my YouTube channel You Are Awesome !

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