Introduction: DIY Mini Steampunk Bow

This is my second instructable, I'm very new to this and I hope I'll do better this time. Also I'm actually going to build a second one just to show all steps so you can build your own! This instructable requires NO measurements just because I hate measuring and being precise. Also for some reason when i previewed it some pics were missing notes but they were there when i edited it later.
I'm not responsible for any idiot who decides to use this to shoot someone or something alive. This can be a dangerous weapon so be smart and be safe. Thank you.

Step 1: Materials Needed

In order to build this you need:
-3 large paperclips
-electrical tape(optional)
-pliers of some kind (I used a pair of needle nosed plus one that was curved on the end)
-a pen spring(optional)
-different colored decorative wire (optional)

Step 2: The Bow Frame

Start by bending the paperclip until it's completely straight. Then curl the paperclip exactly as I do, try not to mess up, the more you bend the paperclip the higher chance it'll snap which is why we need 3. The middle section will become the grip and the curl is to get some springyness in the bow. then bend it to the shape like in the other pic and cut off the extra ends and curl them slightly so you won't get stabbed and we need the holes to run the string through. The cut depends on how long you want your bow.

Step 3: The Bow String

measure enough string so that it can go through both holes twice with some to spare like in the pic. Then take it out of the end hole but keep it in the hole where it loops and twist it. This next part is tricky and could make or break your bow. Now that it's twisted, put the string through the other hole and either flatten the hole so it grips the string like I did or make a knot so it won't come out. bend the bow frame as needed or get a bigger pice of string. If you did this right, your bow should be done and ready to shoot!

Step 4: Optional: Steampunkify

Start with the grip by cutting a thin strip of electrical tape and wrapping around the middle to get a grip. use the colored wire and pliers to start wrapping the bow in wire which will also help the bow retain shape (this'll take a while) refer to pic for help. Using a second pice of wire wrap and create the shape seen in the pics above. then add the pen spring through the loops you made in order to increase strength. IMPORTANT: after both sides of the pen spring is in cut the extra parts off and make SURE to use the pliers to BEND the ends so you don't get stabbed while shooting.

Step 5: Ammo

For Ammo you can use toothpicks with the ends cut off or qtips because the arrows I make are far too dangerous to share with the internet

Step 6: More DIY Coming Soon!

a little bit of self promotion here but I plan on uploading all my creations such as the Thunderbuss steam punk gun I made and some cross bows. Thanks for viewing!