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Many of us are thinking of something unique to give to our loved ones. Some of us are watching in YouTube for ideas and thinking on how to make unique gifts. I am Dennis, who lives a simple life when I was courting a girl which is luckily, my girlfriend now. I made gifts for her and I spent a lot of days and a lot of ideas. That time, I was frustrated because of the fact that I didn’t know what to give. And then suddenly, when I was cleaning on my room, I saw my study table. I've got a lot of courage and ideas. Because for me, a DIY mini study table was better than any roses. It takes a lot effort, patience and love. I thought that this would be my cutest and greatest gift, so far.

I finished my project in just two days. I used the commonly tools you can easily found at home like cardboard and my youngest sister’s old construction paper, etc. (things are specified below). I did not spend much money on the paint because I also used my youngest sister’s spray paint in her last project.

Many of us are looking for strange things. I just want to share my knowledge and idea for you to have courage to do unique gifts. I hope you like it. Thank you and God bless.

Step 1: Materials Needed


step you must complete all the items:

· Scissor

· cutter

· paper glue

· pencil

· paint brush

· glue gun with glue stick

· ruler

· construction paper

· paints (what color you want/optional)

· and cardboard

Step 2: Template

Second step:

Follow the template that I made and cut it. Thecoupling part is marked as red. Take note; don’t cut the red marks because this is a guide to couple your parts.

Step 3: One Point Perspective

Third step: (First part) to assemble all the cut parts;

followthe one point perspective that I made. Follow the letters written on the template. Follow these steps:

  • · Pick A, E and F and connect it. This is the foundation for your study table;
  • Next, pick the three parts of D and one part of G then combine it;
  • Pick B, note to connect it. It should be measure 1.5 cm before connecting it; and

Last, pick C imitated in the drawing on the second perspective. After you finished the first part, the second part is the drawers

Step 4: The Drawers

Follow the templates to assemble the drawers of you mini

study table. Note to make three drawer in picture.

Step 5: Final Assemble

And if you done the assembling, this is the output of study table (sorry for my messy table). And now, I’m sure that you’re ready for the final step!

And then go to the final step: paint them. I choose color pink because this is for my girl and luckily, my younger sister left it so I used it. I put a DIY mini laptop with wireless mouse, book, mug, cellphone with headphone and others to make the study table realistic. And these designs are optional also. This is my final work.

Step 6: Finish My Mini Study Table

This is my DIY mini study table! I also put some sweet letters in the drawers and in the small book also. I didn’t put drawer’s handle (it’s optional because it’s easy to open)

I join to this contest to share my ideas to all of you, I hope y’all like it!

Remember that it’s not about how bad you want it… it is about how hard you’re willing to work for it!

Thank you and God bless us!

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