Introduction: DIY Miniature Anime Inspired Sketchbooks

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Things you will need:



Black Tape

Colouring Markers



Step 1: Draw Your Picture

Cut a piece of paper to the size you want your mini sketchbook and draw your front cover design

Step 2: Go Over Your Design With a Black Fineliner

Step 3: Colour in Your Design

Add shading and highlights to make your design pop

Step 4: The Pages ...

Cut a bunch of paper the same size as your sketchbook cover. Stack these together and glue one edge.

Step 5: Stacking It All Together ...

Place a piece of card the same size as the sketchbook cover and pages to the base. Add the pages in the middle and the sketchbook cover on top

Step 6: Add Black Tape

Cut a strip of black tape and fold it over the top edge to make the sketchbook stick together

Step 7: And It's Done!

Check my Youtube Channel Miss Artie Craftie for a Video Tutorial