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Introduction: DIY Mobile Lumber Cart

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With our recent Sprinter van conversion, our garage has been a hot mess with scraps of wood piled in heaps. So we took the opportunity to organize the garage a bit and made a mobile scrap wood cart.

We had a mixture of ¾” and ½” plywood, but not enough of either to make the cart out of one thickness, so we worked with what we had and designed it as we went. But if you’re interested in building your own lumber cart, we modeled a parametric design on Fusion 360 and made plans so you can make one from a single sheet of plywood which you can download from our website for free -

We made a quick Youtube video that goes through all the steps, so please check that out as well! (We would also appreciate a like and sharing if you think it's worth it :))


Here is the list of supplies we used: (These are affiliate links where we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, Thank you!)

4ft x 8ft x 1/2in plywood

Kreg Circular Saw Track:

Makita Cordless Drill and Driver set:

Powerpro Screws 1.5”

Wood Glue:

Locking Casters:


Step 1: Cutting

We started by measuring and cutting the front, back, and side panels as well as the divider pieces. We’re using our trusty circular saw with a track saw attachment from Kreg, but you can easily make straight cuts by clamping a straight edge onto the panel and using it as a guide.

Step 2: Attach the First Wall to the Back

After cutting the panels, we attached the sides to the back panel. We like to use our carpenter’s square and squeezey clamps to hold the two panels together and keep panels square while we predrill and screw the pieces together with 1.5” screws.

Step 3: Attach the Second Wall to the Back

We stood the panels upright and used a piece of plywood with the same thickness as the joining piece and traced along the back wall, so we have a reference to make sure we screw along the center of the edge and prevent blowing out from either face.

Step 4: Attach the Front Panel

Then we attached the front panel the same way, making sure to use plenty of wood glue as well.

Step 5: Cut Out the Bottom

Once the four walls were attached, we placed it upright onto another piece of plywood and traced the perimeter of the bottom panel. Then we cut it out using our circular saw again and attached it the same way with plenty of wood glue and screws

Step 6: Add Locking Casters

At this point, we attached locking casters onto the bottom panel, so we can roll the cart around if we need to and fix it in place for storage. The mounting holes on the casters are slightly larger than the screw heads, so we used washers between to make sure they’re secure.

Step 7: Add the Middle Divider

Now that the main box is complete, we placed it upright then slid the divider panel in and used a scrap piece as a spacer to make sure it fits evenly on both sides.

Here, we need to drill in from the outside of the box to the divider inside. To help guide us on where to screw, we used the front panel as a reference and locked the tape measure at the distance to the divider. Then we scribed a line along the side wall giving us a reference to the edge of the divider.

Step 8: One More Divider

Finally, we used the scrap piece we used as a spacer as another divider. We screwed it in from the front and since we didn't have access to screw from the back side, we applied a generous amount of wood glue which should be strong enough for this purpose. Alternatively, you can screw on the small divider onto the larger divider first, then slide them into the box.

Step 9: Fill It Up!

After that, we filled the cart up with scraps!

This was a super simple one day project and it made a HUGE impact with organizing our garage space. Now that we freed up some floor space, we have so much room for activities and more projects!

Step 10: Subscribe and Comment!

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    4 weeks ago on Step 10

    This is going to be my next project for my workshop. I’m using dustbins for useful scraps at the moment but this cart idea is exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing.


    Tip 4 weeks ago

    the dividers would be easier to attach if you either routed a groove, or created a groove with battens, you could then drill screw holes through the centre of the groove. Assembly would then be a case of slipping in the divider (with or without glue) and screwing through the pre drilled holes.