Introduction: DIY Mobile Macro Lens

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Do you still try to take pictures with your phone really close but does not seam to get a god focus? No problem! With this projects you will be able to take some stunning close-ups and discover a whole new world!

You will need:

  • Old camera (as shown later on in this project, and digital camera will not work!)
  • Mobile case for you phone
  • Quick drying super glue

A quick and easy project! :)

Step 1: Watch This Video! :)

This is a video I made for this project!

Please take a look, it does mean a lot to me! :)

Step 2: Disassemble Your Camera

For this project we are only interested in the lens, so every thing else can go to the "good to have" box for upcoming projects.

Flip your lens over and you will find that the lens on the backside have some grows in it. Carefully remove this lens by turning the lens using a screwdriver. Already you can play around with the macro function by holding the lens in front of your camera lens!

Step 3: Glue It

To make this project some what more permanent, I used some super glue to attach the lens on a cheep mobile case. But do not just randomly glue the lens on the case... By placing your phone inside of the case and then align the lens so the lens in centred over your mobile camera, you will assure that you get the best possible picture possible. Make some marks with a pencil so you where to glue the lens later.

Remove your mobile from the case, you do not really want to glue the mobile to the case permanently by mistake... Then apply glue to the lens and align the lens to your marks. To add some more strength I applied a second layer of glue around the lens after the first layer had dried.

Step 4: Please Suport My Work! :)

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Step 5: Result Pictures!

Who does not like result pictures? Is it not that mote on Instructables scroll down here first to see how it all worked out? Not? Well.. Then it is only me... :)

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Take care and happy crafting! :)

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