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After moving the shop to the new 2,500 sq.ft. facility, i came to a realization. I have to move stuff so much further than i used to. This is a problem. Its so inefficient. So i took some time, and looked up some of the big plastic carts from the home store. These things are minimum $70 a pop per cart! So I obviously went the DIY Route and built my own! For less than $80 in plywood i got 2 sheets of 1/2" plywood, and built my own. I have a bucket of casters luckily that i have sitting in the corner from old projects and finds, so i used those for the rollers and got creative! One thing I was stoked about was being able to customize these carts. So i named them with some creative names ( Cart-2-D2 and Cart Simpson) and had some fun with it. To make it fun for yinz guys I also created a Free Plan you can download here!


DIY Shop Cart

  1. Breakdown Plywood
  2. Cut Pocket Hole Joinery
  3. Assemble Cart Top
  4. Assemble Cart Bottom & Legs
  5. Assemble Cart Carcass
  6. Add Castors

Before building Frame & Panel French Doors, you're going to need a few things. Here are the tools and productsI recommend for this build



Step 1: Breakdown Plywood

Start by breaking down all your plywood into the parts on FREE Plan Parts list. This is going to be the same for cutting 3 carts or just a single. You want to batch all this out before hand. I suggest using a combination of a Track or Circular Saw with Guide or your Table Saw for this process. Get everything cut and labeled and ready for joinery!Start by making rip cuts of everything in similar dimensions

  • Then break all the rips down to their smaller sizes using a cross cut sled or using a miter saw

Step 2: Cut Pocket Hole Joinery 

For this step i use my new Armor Tools Pocket Hole jig. I dont have to adjust anything because it adjusts automatically, and makes it super easy. I then cut the curves for the handles and get ready to assemble!

Step 3: Assemble Cart Top 

Use the parts to assemble the top with the handle first. This makes assemble for the whole cart super fast and easy, I build one cart at a time. But you can do all the cart tops now too.

TIP - If you want to name your cart, you'll want to do that on the front before you get to this stage

Step 4: Assemble Cart Bottom & Legs 

Pre assemble the legs into their "L" shape. then add the side rails and the bottom.

Step 5: Assemble Cart Carcass 

Attach the bottom and the top using the appropriate amount of glue and screws. For this I just flip the cart upside down on my table.

Dont forget to Attach top support rails for the top too!

Step 6: Add Castors 

Thank you so much for checking out this build. If you want to see more custom work from my shop, Here are a few more projects for you.

Thank you so much for checking out this build. If you want to make one for yourself dont forget we have a FREE Plan You can download here!


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