Introduction: DIY Modern Accent Wall

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It's been a hot minute since I posted a tutorial, but I have been working on a little something behind the scenes...A BABY! And now it's time to get the nursery ready. I've always wanted to do one of these geometric accent walls and I thought baby's room would be the perfect spot. I love how subtle and modern this accent wall is and I love how EASY it was! Make sure you stay tuned and see what other DIYs come out of getting baby's room ready!

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1"x2" pre primed MDF-

18 gauge brad nailer-

1 1/2" brad nails-


Paint- This colour is Black Bamboo by Behr

Step 1: DIY Modern Accent Wall

The first thing I did was draw out my design on graph paper.

Step 2:

You can use either wood or MDF for your accent wall. I chose to go with MDF since it will keep it's shape better and be less likely to warp or bow.

I also decided to pre-paint all my pieces BEFORE putting them up on the wall to save myself the trouble of painting all the edges and getting in all the corners with a brush once it was up, which I would definitely recommend.

Step 3:

I started with my frame. You can do a frame, or not, but I feel like it looks more finished with it framed in. If you decide to do a border, make sure you measure all 4 side of your wall and not just the bottom and side as there could be even an 1/8" difference between the top and bottom of the wall and you don't want that kind of gap in your wood or MDF.

Step 4:

I used an 18 gauge brad nailer with 1 1/2" nails but you could also use a 16 gauge brad nailer, you would just have slightly bigger nail holes to fill.

Check out my full video tutorial to see how I measured and spaced my boards.

Step 5:

I used spackle to fill my nail holes and my seems and then gave it a light sand. Then I vacuumed my entire wall and wiped it with a slightly dampened cloth before touching it up with one more quick coat of paint.

Step 6:

I rolled over the front faces of all my boards for my final touch up. I used Black Bamboo paint by Behr.