DIY Modern Christmas Tree




Introduction: DIY Modern Christmas Tree

Sometimes having a Christmas tree can be difficult either for financial reasons or space reasons. We've got a great answer for you! Its an easy DIY Christmas tree! You can make it any size you like. Its simple, inexpensive and beautiful!

You can watch my video tutorial on Youtube.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I use pine boards 1,8*4*150 cm. The design is very simple. We need to make 2 triangles. One big and one smaller.

Step 3:

Сut off the excess.

Step 4:

I set the same angles at the base of the triangle. I connect the boards with carpenter's glue and nails.

Step 5:

the corners were cut with a Japanese saw. As a result, I've got these triangles.

Step 6:

I connected the bases of the triangles together. So the design will be more stable. I did not add glue, so the design is collapsible and can be disassembled when the holidays are over.

Step 7:

Then I sanded everything with sandpaper and covered the wood with white oil.

Step 8:

I made a mark where the nails should be.

Step 9:

Now we decorate the Christmas tree with a Christmas garland lights. I glued the control unit with hot glue.

Step 10:

My little daughter helped decorate the Сhristmas tree. it was very nice and we had a great time together!

Step 11:

We decided to paint the cones and sticks with white paint. And stuck them on Hot Glue. It turned out very cool!

Step 12:

That's it! Our Christmas tree is ready! We can celebrate the new year)) Ma cat also like it))

Step 13:

That's all! Thank you for watching! Have a nice holidays!

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