Introduction: DIY Modern Planter

Earlier this year, I got certified in Autodesk Inventor: Autodesk Inventor is a cadding software that allows users to create 3d objects. Since my certification, I have not used the software until I saw this contest. I knew that I should put my skills to the test, so I designed a modern planter. Now anyone viewing this instructable can create this panter with the following materials:

*A computer

*A 3d-printer

*If you want to add detail or give another accent color then add paint to the materials

Step 1:

First, download this stl.

Step 2:

Upload the stl to your 3d printer. Change the scale to make the object larger or smaller.

Step 3: ****Optional****

Add paint to make the printed object stand out. I would recommend printing the object in grey and adding beige paint like in the images in the introduction.