DIY Monogram Leather Bracelet

Introduction: DIY Monogram Leather Bracelet

I have some great tips for you to create a custom monogrammed leather bracelet for half the cost of buying one pre-made.

Step 1: Supplies

You can get everything you need at the hobby store and Tandy Leather. My local hobby store sells Tandy Leather products so it is one stop for me.

1. Leather pre-made bracelet(s) at Tandy Leather
2. Rub-on designs found at hobby store.
3. Super Sheen sealer at Tandy Leather
4. Gems & super glue if you want some glam

Step 2: Plan Your Design

Lay your design out onto the bracelet before starting. once you apply the design there is no going back.

I recommend using the pre-made leather bracelets from Tandy Leather because It's more cost affective and simplifies things. However, I had to use a scrap piece if leather for this project because at my house the pre-made don't last long. In this case my kiddos had stolen my last one for a school project so I was on my own.

Step 3: Place the Rub-ons

Using the tool that comes with the rub-ons press over the plastic and attach the letters in the center of the bracelet.

Then add detailing sections on each side.

Step 4: Add Gems

Use some super glue and some gems you might have laying around and attach them to glam it up!

Step 5: Seal Your Project

Follow the directions on the Super Sheen and seal the front of your bracelet.

It's done, congrats you did it!

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