Introduction: DIY Monster-ification

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     What's more Scary than a Monster? Everyday items becoming Monsters! With some sculpey, you can do just that!

     What's more Magical than a Unicorn? Everyday items becoming Unicorns! With some sculpey, you can do just that!

     With that tomfoolery out of the way, let us carry on with this Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

 You don't need a whole lot really, just Sculpey, or Sugru, or similar clay, I like Sculpey because it hardens, so that when carrying these in your pockets, everything else can remain not-sticky.

 Also an imagination is essential! 

Step 2: Monster Tail

    Well, my Sculpey was both black and white, due to me being foolish and storing those two colors improperly, so I kneaded a chunk together so that it was one uniform color, which turned out pretty good for monstering purposes.
    Then I rolled it out a little in my hands, and tried to make it somewhat of a cone, and gave it a slight curve, like that of a Real Monster's tail.
    Then, I flattened out some of my black clay, and cut Obtuse Triangles (Greater than 90 Degrees!) out of it and stuck them on top of the tail. 
    Depending on what material you're using, you may or may not need to throw it in the oven. (For Sculpey 3 it's 15 minutes at 275 F for every Quarter inch of thickness)


Step 3: Unicorn Horn! (Or Narwhal, Both Are Magical)

   1. Separate two small chunks of clay, I used opposite colors, however similar colors would work just as well.
   2. Roll them out in your palms
   3. Twist them together
   4. Taper at tip. Make it dangerous sharp!

   I realized that mine was too long for my purposes, so I cut it in half and made two horns.

Step 4: Final

Now, Attach to anything and everything! Thanks for reading!

Pictures are as follows:
1. Deericorn!
2. Salt Monster!
3. Monster-icorn!
4. More Salt Monster!
5. Monster Applecorn!
6. Monster Mug!

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