Introduction: DIY Moroccan Style Luminaries

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Paper lanterns and luminaries are super easy to make but they look so astonishing after lighting'em up. You need only 3-4 supplies, a few minutes and it's done! Paper luminaries can be great for last minute and in a budget party decoration and they turn out quite nice.

In this ible I'll show how to make these paper luminaries in 3 easy steps. So gather all the supplies as listed below and follow the instructions.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these luminaries you'll need:

  1. Cardstock paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Thumb pin
  4. Styrofoam
  5. Craft glue
  6. Clothes pin

Step 2: Designing and Popping Holes

Cut out a piece of cardstock paper. The width of the cardstcok paper should be equal to the circumference of the luminary (if it's round) and the length should be equal to the height of the luminary. In case you want to make a square luminary the cardstock's width should be 4 times the luminary'd width and a cm extra for gluing the sides.

Draw a simple floral pattern or any kind of pattern on the middle of the paper with a pencil. The design should be vertical. However the design is just make sure that you have the patience to pin all along the design.

Place a styrofoam under the cardstock paper. This will make it easier to pop holes on the paper.

Use a thumb-pin or anything with a pointy edge to pop holes along the design on the paper.

Pop the holes nicely and try to keep an equal distance between the holes.

Step 3: Gluing Sides

Done popping the holes? Be sure that you're happy with the design because once you form the cylinder shape you won't be able to pop more holes so easily.

Anyways, apply glue along any one of the vertical edges of the cardstock paper.

Join the glued edge with the other edge to form a cylinder. Overlap 1 cm -1 .5 cm of both edges.

Press the glued parts carefully without ruining the cylinder shape. I used 2 clothes pin to hold the sides while the glue dried.

Step 4: Illumanating

You can use battery operated LED lights or you can also use candle for lighting the luminaries. It's better to use LED lights.

But if you're using candle be careful. Do not place the paper luminary directly over the candle. Place the candle in a glass and don't forget to keep the candle shorter than the glass.

And then place the paper luminary over the glass. This way the paper luminary won't catch fire.

Light up the candle and done!

I hope you enjoy making these luminaries!

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