Introduction: DIY Motorized Pan/Tilt/Dolly HDSLR Video Mount (Camera Slider)


Update September 2013:  What started as a hobby has turned into something pretty serious.  We are readying the launch of an open-source cinematic motion-control rig.  If you wanna stay up on the futue of cinematography "like" us at


2 Sets of Roller Blades
(16 wheels/32 ball bearings) from Goodwill

Aluminum angle

All thread


Meade motorized telescope arm

Some sort of metal rail

I usually move the dolly by hand but for time lapse or slow movement I use a parallax continuous rotation servo that winds fishing line through a pulley attached to the dolly and onto a small spindle. I control the servo via a Traxxas (for a remote control car) controller and receiver. The Traxxas controller has a potentiometer on it that allows speed control of the servo in both directions. An easier option would be a rotisserie motor - I found one at Goodwill but didn't wind up using it cause I wanted to go wireless.

Give credit where credit is due, this project is a remix of these two projects:
 DIY video & timelaps electrical dolly
DIY Inexpensive Camera Slider

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