Introduction: DIY Mud Guard

Want to keep you bike clean, and protect yourself from mud and water, the best solution is to put a mud guard on your bike. Mud guards are super cheap, but you can make one for even less. In this Instructable I will show you how to make a mud guard from basic materials you can find in your house.


You will need:

  • A plastic sheet (old folder, binder, plastic mat...)
  • A couple zip ties
  • Printed Template

Some tools:

  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • knife/cutter plier

Step 1:

Once you have gathered your materials, go ahead and print out a mud guard template. You can either print out my mud guard template or find one online. If you want a perfect template draw your own, so that it fits your bike perfectly!

Step 2:

You can use an old plastic sheet to make your mud guard, easiest way to make a plastic sheet is to cut out the back of an old folder.

Step 3:

Once you have your plastic sheet, cut out your template and trace it on nicest part of the plastic sheet. Then cut it out with the help of scissors (if you are having a hard time cutting it with scissors use a cutter knife).

This is the step where you can be creative and make fancy designs on the mud guard to match you bike. Unfortunately I like it when my mud guard is sleek, so no designs for me!

Step 4:

Then with the help of a hole puncher, make the holes for the zip ties.

Step 5:

Grab four zip ties and insert them into the holes.

Step 6:

Then grab your mud guard and slide it in between the arch of the fork and the tire. Then attach the mud guard with he help of the zip ties, on to the fork. Fasten down the zip ties and cut off the excess part of the zip ties with the help of a cutter plier or of a knife.

Step 7:

All you have to do now is enjoy your super cheap mud guard next time you go out for a ride!

I'm not sure if I was clear enough in explaining the steps, but I think the photos will help. Also if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Suggestions and corrections are appreciated. I hope you enjoyed making this DIY Mud Guard!

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