Introduction: DIY Multi-Use Airsoft Grenade

Please do not leave any rude comments, criticism is okay and questions are accepted and replied to as soon as I can. This is an airsoft grenade that can be fitted to hold powder bombs, airsoft BBs, smoke bombs, and many other things without having to make a different one for each thing. It probably won't cost you anything to make and is relatively safe. This is a simple but very effective grenade that I have used dozens of times to great success.
Note: Uses blackcats as ignition source.

Step 1: Materials

1) Copy Paper
2) Index Cards
3) Paper Clips
4) Blackcat Fireworks
5) Airsoft BBs

Step 2: Tools

1) Scissors
2) Scotch Tape
3) Black Marker

Step 3: Form the Shell

I have found that plain index cars explode very well when two Blackcats are used as propellant. Roll the card into a cylinder shape and tape with one piece of scotch tape.

Step 4: Form a Belt Pin

If you want to you can bend a paperclip into a circular shape so that you can hook grenades to your ammo clip or belt. Just use pliers or your hand to bend it into your desired shape (I went with a kind of banana shape that slides nicely through the holes in a belt that I wear when I play airsoft).

Step 5: Form the Bases

Take a sheet of copy paper and trace a square around the outside of your cylinder and then cut out the square. Now trace that square onto the paper and cut the second square out (trust me it is much easier to trace the square than to try and make an identical one by tracing the cylinder).

Step 6: Assembly

Now lay one of the squares on one of the open sides of the index card cylinder and tape the four sides down. Next, tape the edges of the square to the cylinder.

Step 7: Assembly (Continued)

Make a small cut in one side of the cylinder. Now, take the belt ring (or whatever shape you made) and slot it through the hole, then tape it to the inside of the cylinder. Next, take your second square and tape one of the sides to the other open hole of the cylinder. Make a small hole in the square for the fuses.

Step 8: Color It

Next you can either use a marker to color it or you can spray paint it lightly like I did. I painted mine black because that is a good all around color for my battlefields but if you want desert tan you can color it that way. Remember just mist the grenade don't cover it completely or it will get wet and soggy.

Step 9: Load the Ammo

Take the ammo of your choice and pack it into the cylinder ( I found that baby powder and airsoft BBs make a good combination). Wrap two blackcat fuses together and thread it through the hole in the open square. Bend the fuses down and tape lightly. Next close the open square and shove the blackcats into the ammo. Next, tape off the square like you did the first one.

Step 10: Frag Grenade

If you use scotch tape to lightly attach BBs to the outside of your grenade, you will get a pretty good fragmentation effect when the blackcats go off.

Step 11: Light It!

If you carry a lighter into airsoft battles, like I do, then you can just light the fuses and throw the grenade. If you want to you can make a pull ring ignition system in the next steps.

Step 12: Pull Ring Igniter Materials

1) Two Strikers off of a Match Box
2) One Rubber Band
3) Three Large Wooden Matches
4) A Paperclip Ring from Step Four

Step 13: Pull Ring Igniter Tools

1) Scissors
2) Scotch Tape
3) Super Glue

Step 14:

Tape the Striker to your paper clip ring with the strike on parts facing inwards. Next, superglue the three matches together the superglue them to the inside of the cylinder. Slide the strikers over the matches and rubber band it tightly near the bottom of the strikers. The rubber band pushes the strikers onto the matches, creating the friction to cause the reaction.

Step 15: Finished

Now you have a good, inexpensive grenade that I know works. If you have any questions or comments post it and i will get back to you. If you want to see a video of the grenade going off e-mail me at

Hope you enjoy this grenade.