Introduction: DIY Mummy Costume

This is an easy mummy costume for everyone!



Powder foundation

Elmers non-toxic school glue

Toilet paper

A whiter shirt and pants

Safety scissors


Step 1: Step 1 Put the "Mummy" on Your Face

Take the glue and put a thin line on your face then put the toilet paper on your face. Keep doing this until you reach your forehead. Then put one ling of glue right below your hairline and two dots on your temple and bridge of your nose.

Step 2: Step 2 Make the Paper Look Old

Cut or tear a little of the paper to make it look rugged. Then put the powder foundation on the paper.

Step 3: Step 3 Add the Cuts and Dark Eye

Put patched of glue on the parts on your face that don't have the paper on them. Then once they dry scratch at them with your fingernail this way you get the cuts. After you tear them put lipstick on the inside of the tear. Now put the mascara around your eye. feel free to smudge it with your fingers.

Step 4: Step 4 the Finishing Touches

Put on a white shirt and pants. Then mess up your hair so it looks like you haven't brushed. Now go enjoy your new mummy look!

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