Introduction: DIY Napkin Holder

Make a napkin holder from a cardboard box


small cardboard box


mod podge

roll of craft paper or paper bags

paint and paintbrush

string / ribbon

rubber stamp or other decoration

Step 1: The Easy Part

Gather all your materials

It is a bit messy so put something on your surface to protect it.

Cut top flaps off of your box.

Rip up your paper or bag into pieces and mod podge your box one piece at a time by putting glue on your box and the back of your paper then more glue over the piece.

Keep repeating this process until you have the whole box covered.

Step 2: The Hard Part

Wait for it to dry

Step 3: Paint and Decorate

I dry brushed the piece with antique white chalk paint.

Dry brushing is just what it sounds like. Use a clean dry brush and dip a very small amount of paint then wipe that off and brush lightly. This is all personal taste here- if you want it fully painted then do that. Whatever will look good in your kitchen.

I finished with a rubber stamp I had and some twine.

Step 4: Enjoy

Add your napkins and enjoy!