DIY Narrow Gauge N Scale Train

Introduction: DIY Narrow Gauge N Scale Train

This project is relax and fun to do. I started with the Kato 11-107 motor unit (N scale) and some freight cars. So, I decide to make some type of steam locomotives like in the old days that the cabin made from wood, pull skeleton log car, and caboose (shape like small log home) and add some Ho scale figures. After drawing, cutting, gluing, painting, add decorating items its looks better and work as well. The project don’t need to measure much, I design as I make along the way and eye balling to scale. All I need is the small diameter N scale, that don’t take too much space on the desk. Let’s make it.

Supplies that you need to do DIY Narrow gauge n scale train project.

1. Kato 11-107 motor unit (N scale), some freight cars, N scale track and power outlet.

2. Balsa wood, wood glue, acrylic paint, cotton, plastic straw, card board, cutter.

Step 1: DIY Steam Locomotive.

First I measure the motor unit, next I draw what it should look like by drawing to scale 1:1. Now I cut the balsa wood to size, try to cut as thin as possible to make the panel, column, and beam as well. At this stage I just eye ball the size, but I already know the length and width of the steam locomotive are width 220 mm. lengths 640 mm. and height 320 mm. and addition chimney height 100 mm. Next I cut card board to make the panels, next I glue balsa wood to the card boards and glue the columns as well. Then I make the front & back panels of the locomotive which the height is lower. Now I making the roof structure, by glue the beams to the columns. (The beams should have over hang for the roof) after that I cut card board to make the roof and bend curve at the top. Now I make the Boiler and chimney pipe, try to fit it first. Next I paint yellow acrylic color to all panels and frame. Then, I glue the black boiler with chimney, attach the roof, and the guard rail at the front. Next I paint the wood base and guard rail gray, the roof light gray, and touch up with different shade of yellow. Then I made wind screen red and attach to the front of the cab also add small lamp on the roof and add a bit of cotton ball string to the chimney to make as smoke rising out. The last thing is add small pieces of wood sticks for the logs at the back next to the boiler. Next I repaint Ho scale figures standing at the front and other sitting on the back rail next to the fire woods. That about it for the yellow stream locomotive.

Step 2: DIY Skeleton Log Car.

Now I make the skeleton log car. This skeleton log car is easy and fast to make. The total dimensions are width 240 mm. lengths 600 mm. and height 100 mm. The logs are made from tamarind branch diameter 90 mm. and about 570- 620 mm. long. First take the a pair of train trucks out from the freight car and cut balsa wood to make as the main frame structure and cut 2 other small pieces (240 mm.) to proportion to the main piece. Now I cut the gap so it could attack to the main frame structure much easier and glue it. Next I cut small paper strips and glue over the intersection of the frame. Then cut 2 small pieces that will be place to attach the train truck, it helps to lift the main frame structure from the train truck, if don’t have this piece the train truck will not turn. Next glue the pieces, and attach the train trucks with small screw. Now I cut the small balsa wood and glue at the edges of the 2 wood beams, too protect the log to roll off. Then I paint using red brown to the frame and make the paint darker and lighter and gray paint on the small pieces at the edges, and paper that glue over the intersection. I stack the logs on the skeleton log car, and glue the logs, so it will not move. This skeleton log car is finished.

Step 3: DIY Cabin Caboose.

Next I make the caboose, start off from the empty platform dimensions width 220 mm. lengths 620 mm. that have 2 train trucks. This caboose will be a small log cabin dimensions are width 370 mm. lengths 620 mm. and height 400 mm. Now I cut balsa wood to make the platform of the caboose and glue to the plastic structure of the model train. Then I cut the cardboard paper into rectangle to make walls, after that I cut thin strips of balsa wood and glue to the cardboard. Next I trim off the balsa wood to make the walls and use brown acrylic paint on some log panels make it different shade after that I use dark green paint to paint it over, so this is what, it looks like. Then I add the yellow trims on the edge of the wall and glue all the walls. Next glue the cabin to the platform and attach the roof that made with cardboard painted like shingle roof. Then I added the painted items such as: doors, bench, side hand rail, and the small chimney on the side of the cabin. Now I repaint the Ho scale figures that stand at the front cabin and other sitting on the bench at the back. Last I attach the cotton strip at the small chimney, so it will look realistic. That about it. Run the narrow gauge model train and enjoy.


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