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Ever wonder how a custom knife maker puts a handle on a hidden tang knife without buying any special  tools. I way most of us do it is to buy a wood clamp and modify it. I use a Bessey EZS 15-8 for most of mine. I have 3 of them. and 1 based on the EZS 30-12. They cost between $15 - $25 depending on how well you shop it. Good answer to the task at a reasonable price.

This clamp comes straight out of Joe Keeslar, MS Handles & Guards book and is shown to everyone who takes that ABS class. I searched around for the right wood crafting clamp for a while before finding the right on. The slit in the clamp is 1.25 to 1.5" depending on the size of the knives you make. I make my slit .25" wide. I use a mini hacksaw for the guide cut and a .25" round rasp file to complete the cut. I cut the slit in the pad after I have finished the base cut.

Hope this helps any new knife makers out there.

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