Introduction: DIY Necklaces by Tara


  • Beads | Any type, size, color, or material
  • Super glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Jewelry Designer Monofilament | 100yds

Step 1: Making the Necklace

1. Gather supplies

2. Carefully cut the original string of beads bought from the store | Michael's or Joanne's is great!

3. Arrange the beads in the order you want them | Separating colored beads by blocks or simultaneously

4. Measure the monofilament to create the accurate look you're going for | Long for a wrap around, 3 separate strands for layering, etc.

5. Tie a knot to one side of the monofilament. This will secure the beads so that they will not fall off the monofilament while you slide the beads on the other side of the monofilament.

6. Take the Monofilament and add beads of your choice | For faster results: take the string of beads and loop the monofilament through the strung of beads. Once all the beads are on the monofilament you may cut the original string the beads were on. This will lessen the time for this project dramatically!

7. Once you have all the beads on the monofilament, tie a knot to close the gap between any beads.

8. For best secureness: take crazy glue and dap it on the already-tied knot. This will ensure that it will not come undone while wearing it or during transportation.

9. Finished product! Wrap to make a more layered look or keep long to add length to your look!