Introduction: DIY Nespresso Capsule Holder

Hello and welcome to this instructable.

You can create your own design in inkscape or use the one provided


1 x Fablab, or access to a lasercutter

1 x 300mm wide 600mm long 3mm plexi

Step 1: Start Cutting

Your lasercutter should be configured to CUT red lines and Engrave BLACK. The material should be configured to be 3mm plexi

Step 2: Assembly

Remove the correct parts from the lasercutter and assemble.

You can glue the parts together using specific plexi glue.

Step 3: Enjoy


Step 4: Improve

1) When buying caps they come in boxes of 10. The Design should be modified to hold 10 caps per row

2) Base text: the text is not centered and also doesnt make sense because you cant read it when filled with capsules

3) Base: Either make the base larger so it supports the weight better (but seems fine for now) or change the design to brackets.

4) Sides: Change the design so it has sides; this will help stability