Introduction: DIY Night Stand to Pet Bed

Items Needed:

  • Old nightstand (needs to be sturdy, but doesn’t have to be pretty)
  • Screw driver/screw gun
  • Hand saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Sand paper
  • Paint/stain
  • Paint brushes
  • Pet bed or cushion

Skill Level:

Most anyone could do this, but a slight background and understanding of tools would help.

Step 1: Remover Lower Drawers/cabinet Doors

Take out lower drawers or unscrew doors, and remove them to make a hole large enough to fit your pet.

(leave the top drawer if you have one, you can use it to store pet toys, treats, and personal items)

You may have a base under your drawer, but if not:

1) Unscrew the middle board that the drawer ran on (to create a flush area to make the floor level)

2) Measure the interior floor with your measuring tape (write measurements down so you don't forget)

3) Use these measurements to cut a base out of plywood with your hand saw

Step 2: Sand

1) Sand any sharp edges or splinters

2) Sand off old paint to create a smooth and easy to paint surface

NOTE: It doesn't matter what grit sand paper you use, but the smaller the grit the smoother the surface.

We specifically sanded the top so we would have a very smooth surface.

Step 3: Painting

1) Pick any color you'd like

2) Mix paint with a stirring stick until it is uniformly colored and the texture is even

3) Paint the creases and angles first, to make sure that they are covered thoroughly

4)Paint all surfaces, making sure your brush strokes are all in the same direction

5) Let dry completely

(You can do a second coat of paint to give it a clean look, or sand the edges a bit to antique your piece of furniture. Whatever style you prefer.)

NOTE: Try to avoid using oil-based paints because they are very hard to clean and can ruin brushes.

Step 4: Hardware (optional)

After painting and antiquing, this piece of furniture still seemed to be missing something. We decided to unscrew the hardware from the drawer we had taken off, drill holes, and attach it to the top drawer. :)

Step 5: Add Pet Bed/cushion

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