Introduction: DIY: No Sew Curtains

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I just moved into a new place and have been decorating it little by little. For some reason I just felt compelled to do the kitchen window curtains first (not like I spend much time in the kitchen lol). By the way, I learned that they are called Cafe Curtains! Since the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash are extra dated (can't replace them since we are renting) I knew it would be hard to find curtains that would "go with it". I decided to make my own. Since I don't own a sewing machine and was too lazy to sew it by hand, I decided to try using hemming strips that are just ironed onto the fabric.

Step 1: Fabric

I've been really digging the whole gray color scheme for home decor, so i opted for this fabric from JoAnn's. I originally wanted a solid grayish color fabric, but I felt that the small polk a dot detail in this fabric would not clash too much with the rest of the kitchen and would give a little dimension with the design. My window is quite small so I risked it and only got 1 Yard, which turned out to work out perfectly since I planned to add a piece of white curtain fabric in between both pieces. I simply folded it in half and cut it.

Step 2: Folding

I then folded about 1/2 inch along the bottom and the un-hemmed side of the fabric and ironed it to create a crisp fold. I then folded it over once more and ironed it again. For the the top part of the fabric (where the rod will be going through) I only folded about 1- 1 1/2 inches and ironed it.

Step 3: Hemming

Once I had my nice crips folds, I simply placed the hemming tape strips under the folding and ironed over it once more. I repeated this process around all sides. The only difference is that on the top side of the curtain, I placed the hemming tape at the other end of the folding, leaving the space for the rod to go through. I ended up using a tension rod to hang them up since I was pressed for time (we were hosting my families weekly get together the next day) and had a small budget to work with. I might "upgrade" the fabric and add drapery clips to a "fancier" rod, but for the time being this works and I'm more than happy with it!