Introduction: DIY No Sew Pillow

I love pillows and blankets, and after getting a new couch, it gave me a perfect excuse to make some more soft pillows for the living room. Here is a super easy technique to create a super soft pillow for any place or occasion.

No Sewing Required!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what is needed to make a no sew pillow

Fleece - about 3/4 yard of each fabric. You could make a pillow with either one color or two


Pillow Form - Sold at local craft stores

Step 2: Layout Fabric

Start by laying out the fabric. I started by laying out the two colors of fabric one on top of the other.

Then measure how much fabric you will need by placing the pillow on top of the fabric and trim fabric accordingly.

I gave my fabric at least 3" clearance around the pillow and cut out my square of fleece.

Step 3: Cut Fringe

Once you have the general size of the fabric its time to cut the fringe on the fabric.

Start by cutting out the corners of the fabric. You will not be needing those.

Continue around the side of the fabric by cutting fringe about 3-5" long and 1/2" wide. (I started by cutting larger fringe but it did not look as good as having smaller fringe)

Cut around your fabric until both pieces of fabric have fringe completely around the side.

Step 4: Tie

Now that all the fringe is cut its time to tie the pieces together. Take one fringe from each piece of fabric and tie a secure knot.

Follow the fringe tying all around the perimeter.

Continue until you have 3 sides of the fringe completely tied.

Step 5: Add Pillow

Make sure you leave one side of the fringe untied.

Stuff the pillow into the case.

Step 6: Finish the Tie

Now that the pillow has been stuffed, the last side of the fringe can be tied.

Remember to securely knot this side.

Step 7: Trim Fringe

Once all the fringe was tied I was able to do a quick trim of the fringe. One side had the raw edge still on it and I was able to trim it off after I finished all the tying.

This will also give you a more uniform fringe

Step 8: Finished

Once everything is cut, tied and trimmed, the pillow is ready for use.

I love fleece pillows because they are super soft, and I am really happy that this pillow turned out so well.