Introduction: DIY No-Sew Unicorn Tutu Tulle Skirt

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This No-Sew Unicorn Tutu Skirt is so easy to make! You just need lots of tulle and a ribbon. The colors I used made a unicorn themed skirt, but you can use any color you like. You can also make a smaller one for your pets too! I made mines so I can wear it to go watch Despicable Me 3 at the end of this month.

Watch the video tutorial above to learn how to make it.

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Or just keep on reading for the step-by step instructions!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • tulle
    • I used a purple, blue, light blue, and light pink tulle
  • long piece of ribbon
    • make sure it's long enough that you can wrap it around you and tie a bow
    • you can also use elastic but you will need to hold it stretched out while you're adding the tulle
  • scissors
  • tape

Step 2: Measure and Cut (x10000)

Measure out the length you want your skirt to be. Double that length and cut out all the colors of tulle in that size. I used 44 pieces of tulle in total. The more your add, the fluffier it is too!

Step 3: Tape the Ribbon Down.

Next, tape each end of the ribbon to the table to make it easier for you to put on the tulle pieces. This keeps everything neat and you can see the pattern easier.

Step 4: Tulle It Up!

To put the tulle on your skirt. Fold the piece of tulle in half. Stick the end with the loop under your ribbon. Take the other end and pull it through the loop. Make sure to not pull it too tight or it won't look very pretty. Repeat with the rest of the tulle in the pattern that you want. My pattern was:

  • light pink, light pink, light blue, light blue, purple, light pink light pink, light blue, light blue, purple, blue

Step 5: Wear It!

That's it! Just tie your skirt on yourself and you're all done! Isn't it super pretty and fluffy?

Make some matching ones for your pets too! ?

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