Introduction: DIY Nuthatch Birdhouse

These are the instructions step by step on how to build a DIY nuthatch bird house

Step 1: Make the Right Outlines for Your Cuts

You need these shapes:

14in x 7in rectangle (base)

9in x 7in rectangle (roof)

8in x 7in rectangle (floor)

2x 11.3in base x 5.65in height triangles (walls)

Step 2: Make Your Cuts

Cut out all of the shapes from the previous step, try to make your cuts as straight as possible. The best tool to use would be a circular saw. You cut on the lines and watch the blade to control your cut.

Step 3: Line Up Your Base and Walls

Center your base and walls, so that your walls are in the center of your base. the wall should be 1 and 1/4in away from each edge of the the base.

Step 4: Drill Your Pilot Holes

Drill4 11/32in pilot holes in your base and walls 1 and 1/2in from the end points on your walls or 2 and 3/4in. Then put 1in screws in each of the 4 holes.

Step 5: Screw on Your Walls

Screw your walls to your base using 4 1in screws.

Step 6: Drill Pilot Holes in the 4 Corners of the Floor

Drill 4 11/32in pilot holes in each corner of the floor about a 1/2in away from the corner.

Step 7: Screw on the Floor

Screw on the floor using the pilot holes you made use 4 1in screws.

Step 8: Connect the Lid

Screw the hinges to the lid and to the wall

Step 9: Set Up Your Closing Method

Drill a 1/4in hole and glue a in 1.5in thread dowel perpendicular to the wall.

Step 10: Cut Out a Notch to Go Around the Dowel

Cut a 3/4in notch that goes around the dowel.

Step 11: Add Weather Stripping to the Edge of the Lid

Add 3/8in weather stripping to every edge of the lid

Step 12: Stain and Mount Your Bird House

Stain your bird house a color of choice and mount the bird house on a tree using a screw and mounting bracket