DIY Ombré Cheetah-print Nails :3




Introduction: DIY Ombré Cheetah-print Nails :3

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Step 1: WHaT You Nëëd :3

•nail polish remover (brand doesn't really) matter •cotton swabs and Q-tips •nail polish of any color ~I choose colors that have sparkle to them or that are neon because it makes them stand out more. • a top coat to add extra shine ^_^ •A pencil or toothpick (something pointy) •Scissors •Foundation sponges 0r sponge paintbrush •Jewels of some sort •nail adhesive (I usually choose the kiss brand because it works the best and lasts the longest) •Taffy or dumb dumbs ( something to nibble on, it's not for everyone to do)


Pretty sure everyone knows to remove old nail polish before painting over your nails again, but just a recap, remove all old nail polish :3

Step 3: Chose Your Colors

Take the foundation sponges and cut them to a size that remotely fits your nails, afterwards chose the colors you want to use. It doesn't have to only be 2, you could make a rainbow if it suits you. I normally choose bright or sparkly colors.

Step 4: Color Blending ^_^

Put the dark color on the sponge first, it makes blending easier to put the lighter color last. And then make sure In between the 2 or however many primary colors you have that they blended well, like mine mixed to make purple :3

Step 5: Sponge It, Spôngë Eet Good

Lightly sponge the colors on your nail. At first it's going to be really light so your going to have to layer it 5 0r 6 times.:*

Step 6: RaWR

Adding the cheetah print isn't as hard as it seems, first put the black polish in a small amount on a surface or in a container you don't really care for. Then take your pencil or toothpick and dip it in the paint an make a half circle, but not so its perfectly curved, make it so it kind of looks like your hand was nudged just slightly to throw your drawing of. And then add a dot by the opening of the half circle , and then add random dots in the empty spots around your nail once all the half circles are drawn in.

Step 7: FINÉ

Lastly, take the jewels that you have and choose what you want and take the kiss brand nail adhesive. Use your pencil to be more precise with your jewel positioning, stick the pencil in the nail adhesive, and put it on the nail you want it on, then take your pencil and stick on the back if a jewel, and place it on the nail you chose.


In samation, you have an awesome cheetah print nail design that looks absolutly smashing. Sorry if this how- to isn't the best. This is my first DIY :/

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really fun idea. Thanks for posting!


    9 years ago

    Good first try at an instructable! Double check your letters though, some are a bit weird.

    Also, to help prevent messy edges to your sponge on technique, try smear vasoline around edge of the nail. The polish wont stick to the vasoline, making a much cleaner final result, and it moisturises your cuticles/ fingertips too! :)

    Keep it up!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's my exact problem when I paint my nails! I can never seem to keep it on the nail. :-P Thanks for the tip!


    9 years ago

    Yea, I saw that and was like what the poop,


    this looks awesome, i will have to do this on my wife's nails.
    You should go back and re read everything, there is a few crazy characters in the text :(