DIY One Shoulder Tie Waist Crop Top (No Sewing)




Introduction: DIY One Shoulder Tie Waist Crop Top (No Sewing)

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I love a good asymmetrical top, and I find one shoulder shirts to be extremely flattering. Here’s a quick DIY way to turn a long sleeve shirt into a sleek one shoulder tie waist crop top with NO SEWING!

Full video tutorial:

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you’ll need:

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Step 2: Mark Spots

Use the pencil to mark a spot under the sleeve you plan on cutting off. Then mark a spot slightly above the belly button that will be the point of the triangular cut-out.

Step 3: Cut Sleeve & Slit

Cut one sleeve off from the spot you marked up to the other shoulder. Then cut a triangular shape out of both layers of the shirt that connects at the point you marked with the pencil.

Next, cut the bottom side open.

Step 4: Cut Sleeve

Cut the removed sleeve off of the collar, and cut the sleeve open along the seam. Then cut the material the long way to create two strips and stretch them out.

Step 5: Attach Strips & Create Tie

Tie each strip to each layer of the shirt at the bottom of the triangular cut out. Trim the excess material and tie the two strips in a bow to disguise any bulkiness from the knots.

Step 6: All Done!

There you have it! Your basic long sleeve shirt is now a trendy one shoulder cut-out top. Let me know if you try it out for yourself!

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