Introduction: DIY Oracle/affirmation Cards From Paint Chips!

Oracle cards are like tarot cards. They can be used for introspection or divination. But unlike tarot cards, they are free flowing and can really say or contain whatever you want! You can have a theme, like animals, or symbols that are meaningful to you, or you can be all over the place! Paint chips are a great material for oracle cards because they're so colorful and pretty and also because the poetic names of the colors can jump-start ideas for the theme of the cards!

For the deck that I made, I wanted to play off of the color names and the general energy of the colors, while also including an affirmation on each card, with the overarching theme of self-compassion.


  • paint chips. a whole deck as pictured would be ideal, or you can get individual paint chips for free at hardware stores.
  • a sharpie. a regular sharpie is pictured but what I actually used was a fine point sharpie. other pens or markers could work but you want to test them on a paint chip you don't care about first. I found that most other pens/markers I tried smeared but a sharpie did the trick.
  • scissors
  • your imagination!

Step 1: Cut Up Your Paint Chips

Cut up your paint chips! Select a range of colors that is pleasing to you! The kind I was using had 7 colors each so I cut them so each card had 3 colors. But I won't tell you how to live your life. Your deck can have as many or as few cards as you want. I went for 50.

Step 2: Brainstorm Cards Through Reading Color Names, Research, or Introspection and Write/draw/color/paint the Cards!

I used the color names as a jumping off point for many of the cards and free-associated affirmations from there. For example, for the card with the color soft spruce I googled "spruce symbolism" and saw that spruces symbolize solidity and resilience, hence, the affirmation, "I am resilient". Or for "light of the moon" I wrote "I trust my wholeness, even when I cannot see it" because I free associated from moon phases. You can zoom in on this picture if you want more examples.

You don't have to go with the color names, though. For many of them the card meaning has nothing to do with anything. Like the one with a geometric butterfly that says "I see the good in change" it had nothing to do with anything.

I only used a sharpie but you could use other writing/drawing utensils, paint, use stickers...whatever you want!

And that's it! Hope this instructable is interesting for someone!

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