Introduction: DIY Outdoor Cooler Deck Box

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In this Instructables I will show you how I made my DIY Outdoor Cooler Deck Box. This is a super easy build that you could make in a weekend with just a few tools.

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Step 1: Gather Tools & Materials

Tools List:

Materials/Supplies List:

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Step 2: Assemble Base of Box

Cut 1x4 pine boards to size and assemble inside base of box using wood glue and 1 1 /4" screws, preferably rated for exterior use.

Step 3: Assemble Side Panels

Assemble two side panels using wood glue and 1 1/4" 18ga brad nails.

Step 4: Attach Side Panels to Box Base

Attach side panels to 1 x 4 base using wood glue and 2" 18ga brad nails. Be sure to check square. No worries if it's not perfect you can make adjustments when attaching front and back panels.

Step 5: Attach Front and Back Panels

Attach front and back slats to box using wood glue and the 2" brad nails. Be sure to nail into the thicker points of connection to get a nice fit and to ensure no brad nails stick out of the wood. I recommend starting with the top slats and working down to attach, that way if there is any variation in the slats it won't be as noticeable.

Step 6: Assemble Lid

Assemble lid using wood glue and 1 1/4" 18ga brad nails. Inside the 1x2's from the ends a couple of inches and make sure they are centered, so that when the lid is lowered onto the piece the 1x2's will fit snug in the opening.

Step 7: Attach Lid to Box

Attach lid to box using 2-2 1/2" narrow utility hinges. Make sure to space these inside where they won't interfere with the lid supports or approximately 5-6" from the ends.

Step 8: Sand and Finish

Sand and finish as desired. I sealed mine with General Finishes Outdoor Oil.

Step 9: Attach Hardware

Attach legs, handle and bottle opener.

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