DIY Outdoor Rain Shower

Introduction: DIY Outdoor Rain Shower

I build myself a cool outdoor rain shower. It is made out of threaded steel barrels, a rain shower head and a Gardena coupling. Overall cost were around 50$. Nice and simple!

You need

3x 1m/40" threaded steel barrels (1/2")

1x 0.6m/24" threaded steel barrels (1/2")

1x 0.4m/16" threaded steel barrels (1/2")

2x 90° elbow fitting male/female (1/2")

3x 90° elbow fitting female/female (1/2")

1x ball valve (1/2")

The steel barrels and valve should be available at your local hardware store.

1x Gardena tap connector (1/2")

1x rain shower head

1x Teflon seal tape

Step 1: Make the Base

  • The base consists of the 1m/40" barrel connected to the 0.6m/24" barrel.
  • You need to screw the barrels and fittings tightly together. Make sure to use Teflon tape for sealing.
  • The layout is Gardena tap connector - male/female 90° elbow (pointing upwards) - 1m/40" barrel - female/female 90° elbow - 0.6m/24" barrel - female/female 90° elbow (pointing upwards)

Step 2: Build the Shower

  • The layout of the shower is 1m/40" barrel - ball valve - 1m/40" barrel - female/female 90°elbow - 0.4m/16" barrel - male/female 90° elbow - rain shower head.
  • Make sure that you seal all connections with Teflon tape.

Step 3: You Are Ready to Take a Shower

  • Connect your garden hose to the shower
  • Open the ball valve
  • Enjoy your outdoor rain shower!

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