DIY Outdoor Side Table

Introduction: DIY Outdoor Side Table

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Full build plans with detailed cut list - Click for Plans

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YouTube channel - walkerswoodworks

Instagram - @Walkers_woodworks


Tools and items used in this build (affiliate links included)

Dust mask -

Makita Drill & Driver set -

Milwalkee tape measure -

Miter saw -

Miter saw blade -

Titebrush -

Bluetooth Earbuds -

Countersink -

Festool ETS EC -

Brad nailer -

Consumables used (affiliate links included)

Spar Urethane -

Construction adhesive -

Titebond 3 -

Sanding sponges -

2 1/2" screws -

1 1/4" screws -

1 1/4" brads -

Step 1: Cutting Materials

For this project you will need 2 8ft 2x2's, 2 8ft 1x2's (a good wood for outdoors is cedar or redwood), one 12" by 24" ceramic tile,some Outdoor rated construction adhesive and some outdoor rated finish. I started out by cutting all 4 legs over at the miter saw. Then I grabbed the 1x2 stock and cut the two runners that will be used for the bottom shelf as well as the rest of the pieces for the frame. If you don't have a miter saw you could also use a circular saw or a jig saw.

Step 2: Main Frame Frame Assembly

Attach two of the legs to one of the top frame sides with one screw and wood glue. Than add the 1x2 runner. Do the same steps for one more leg assembly.

Step 3: Top Frame Assembly

Once both sides are assembled you can put them together using the two 2x2 pieces for the top frame ends

Step 4: Attaching the Bottom Shelf Slats

At this point you're ready to dry fit the slats for the bottom shelf. Use two slats cut to fit between the legs and then using a 3/4" spacer, lay out the rest of the slats (cut a bit longer) with a 3/4" gap between each one.

Step 5: Sanding & Finishing

Sand everything with your sander and hand sand those hard to reach areas. Once its all sanded, its time for finish! I used an outdoor spar urethane and did several thin coats, worked great!

Step 6: Attaching the Top

Use outdoor rated construction adhesive to attach the tile top, make sure its centered. Stack weights on it to act as a gravity clamp until the adhesive cures.

Step 7: All Done!

You're finished! Now put it on your porch, deck, patio, take it camping, whatever you like! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Really appreciate you guys following along and don't for get to watch the youtube video of this build to see it more in depth. Also check out the plans for even more detailed steps and cut lists! Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!

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    3 years ago

    Good looking table! : )


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! Appreciate you checking it out!