Introduction: DIY Owl Pendant From Junk

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I'm into junk crafts these days. In the last 2 days I made 2 craft projects from junk, the owl was my first attempt. After making the first owl it seemed quite nice so I had to share the tutorial.

Follow this ible and find out how I mad'em :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these junk pendants you'll need:

  1. Bottle cap,
  2. Buttons,
  3. Beads,
  4. Copper confetti,
  5. Craft wire ( 18 or 20 gauge),
  6. Glitter powder,
  7. White glue,
  8. Awl,
  9. Hammer.

These are what I used but you can use anything from around you and turn those trash into something cute and creative!

Step 2: Preparing the Base Pendant

Use the awl and hammer to make a hole on the bottle cap for attaching the jump ring (for the pendant).

Pour a thin layer of white glue in the cap. Pour the glitter powder over the glue and mix them really well. Allow the glue to dry, this might take a while or you can use hair drier to dry the glue quickly.

Take a small piece (6 cm) of craft wire and make a small loop. Insert the straight part of the wire through the hole made previously. Make another loop but this time make it big enough to take through the chain. After making the loop coil the remaining wire and trim extra if needed.

Step 3: Making the Owl

I used buttons, small beads and stones to make the eyes, see the first picture of this step. Glue the beads and stones on the button like I did (picture-2 of this step).

I used a round copper confetti for the wings. I had to cut it in half and then use the half's individually for each wing.

Collect something for the beak, luckily I had a tear drop shaped stone.

Done preparing the stuffs? Now simply glue them one by one in their place and allow the glue to dry.

Step 4: Adding the Legs/Feets

Use the awl and hammer to make 6 (3 for each feet) small holes on the bottom part of the owl (cap).

Take a small piece of craft wire and coil it through the holes. When you will be done coiling the wire three times you can bend the wire to secure it and trim extra. Similarly make the other foot.

Junk owl pendant is ready!

You can make a lot of other creatures out of junk. I also have a plan of making a bunch of them! Junk art is fun and doesn't cost much. Just be creative in both collecting and using the junks.


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