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Ho everyone welcome to another instructables....
Welcome to all...

Today's project is a paper furniture table

Actiually i got a full week holiday so i decided to make something and found that i have much newspaper laying around about 4-5 kg so i decided to make some kind of furniture with it....

So lets see how its made....

Step 1: Materials Required..

Patience Patience and Patience.....
Actually this project needs mainly Patience

Making rolls from paper is a very booring and Patience task

So Required materials include

Old news Paper,
Glue and,

Step 2: Making Paper Tube/roles

First of all you need to make paper rolls firstly i suggest you cutting paper and then making as thin roles as possible.....

Before starting making the main table base i suggest you making at least 2400 sticks/rolls because in between the making it is very difficult and irritating task to make rolls

In my case i required 1856 rolls for the main table base only...

Now join the rolls in parallel and then apply glue then apply second layer perpendicular to it

Now after applying both the layers perpendicular to each other i suggest you to apply 4-5 layers of glue on the rolls sheet, 2 layers each day on 1 side in order to make it strong..

In my case i applied 4 layers of glue each side so i spent 4 days in applying glue and making the support only..

Step 3: Preparing the Support for the Table

Now prepare base pilar or support for the table for this i made 2 simple base using cardboard 6 cm wide and 26 cm long and covered it with paper rolls and also stuffed it with paper rolls and glue then i covered both the sides with cardboard square pieces in order to distribute the force of weight of table and things kept on it to a larger area


Now our table is complete you just need to stick the upper table base to the support using glue and left it to dry for about 4 hrs now its completed ...

Most of you will be thinking that this table would not be very effective and strong but let me tell you that me myself can sit on the table without any problem its very strong and tensile

Thanks for reading my instructables meet you in the next one soon...

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