Introduction: DIY PCB Making for RGB LED

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I made DIY PCB at home for RGB LED. Please Watch this video for Better Explanation.

Step 1: PCB Layout

I printed PCB layout on Photo Paper using Laser Printer. (Laser Printer Must)
PCB Layout For RGB Controller

Step 2: Copper Clad Board

I used 12" x 12" copper clad Board

Step 3: Placing

Cutting PCB Layout and Copper clad board

Step 4: Electric Iron

For Ink Impression i used Electric Iron

Step 5: Pressing

I pressed Iron For 5 to 6 minutes

Step 6: Removing Photopaper

After Pressing Done Remove Photopaper from copper Board very slowly.

Step 7: Etching Solution

I made Etching solution by FeCl3 Powder and Water.

Step 8: Reaction

Sink the board into Etching Solution for 15 minutes.

Step 9: Washing

After removing Extra copper, wash the board with fresh water.

Step 10: Fresh PCB

After Cleaning PCB, My pcb looks like this.

Step 11: Drilling

Drilling for components as marked.

Step 12: Components

IRFZ44N Mosfet x3
2.2uf 63v Capacitor x3
1M Resistor x3

Step 13: Soldering

Solder Components as Showing.

Step 14: Female Header

Adding Female Header For RGB Strips Power Out.

Step 15: Power Wire

Solder Power Wire as Showing (12V power Supply)

Step 16: Power the Circuit

Lets Power up the circuit with 12v power supply. and Plug RGB strips in the Female Header

Step 17: Light

RGB Circuit Runs Good.