Introduction: DIY P.O.P PLANTER

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Hey guys in this m showing you that you can make a planting pot out of cloth and plaster of Paris or else you can use concrete instead of plaster Paris. It's just a small project. You can do it by your own and can decorate your home with making multiple pots. And colouring them in some unique ways. It was my way now you can show some more creativity of yours for your self. Read the steps and have a look to the pictures you will definitely make one for your own.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Cloth
  2. Plaster of Paris (pop)
  3. Cylindrical container
  4. Pipe
  5. Tub or a big vessel
  6. Big spoon
  7. Paint brush
  8. Acrylic colours
  9. Mud
  10. Plant of your desire
  11. Fevicol
  12. 220 grid sanding paper
  13. Clear coat aerosol spray paint

Step 2: Making of Holder

First select any tube shaped vertical object, put cylindrical container on it upside down.

Make sure the container remains at centre on the tube. Now apply polythin or any plastic bag on the holder so that the material can't stick on it. Holder is ready now.

Step 3: Preparing the Body

Take any used or old cloth material. Cut it in the size of your desire. Now take some amount of water in a tub or container and mix plaster of Paris(pop) in it. Stir it well, make it little thinner so that it can easily absorbed by the cloth. Now Dip the cloth in that mixture and allow it to absorb the whole liquid once it's all done lift the cloth and have a look does anyside of the cloth is remained untouched by the mixture. After that put the cloth on the holder and allow to fall the sides in gravitational direction. Let it dry for 6 hrs then your body is ready. You can use concrete cement instead of pop.

Step 4: Lifting

After drying lift the whole body. It will come out with plastic bag as well as the cylindrical container now grab the edges of the plastic bag and get it seperated with plastic bag the cylindrical contaier will also pop out. Now your body is ready for touch ups.

Step 5: Finishing and Painting

Now check some rough surfaces on the body, smooth it down by using 220 grid sanding paper. Now apply a single layer of Fevicol the both sides inner side as well as outer side in a rough order. Allow it to dry for few minutes. Now apply a clear coat of spray paint on the whole body and let it dry for 1 hour. Now you can paint with acrylic colours on it. Select the pattern of painting and colours of your own desire, I chose 4 colours brown, yellow, green, and golden. I coloured it in uneven pattern to make it look something beautiful 1st layer of brown, 2nd layer of yellow, 3rd layer of green and golden on the edges from below to top respectively. Now again let it dry over a night and it will be ready for filling

Step 6: Filling

Fill the pot with high rated fertile mud so that you can plant anything in it and place a plant of your desire. I chose devil's Ivey because it looks beautiful in the pot.

Step 7: Final Product

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