Maybe you've wanted one of those powerup planes, but they are so darn expensive! This instructable will solve that problem by showing you how make one for just a few bucks!

Step 1: Components

This is made up of:

A supercapacitor (1F min)

A plug of your choice, both male and female plugs, in this case I used an old r/c ir heli

A small motor

A reasonably sized prop

A dowel or carbon rod the length of your plane

And wire

Step 2: The Plane

You can choose to make whatever design you like but mine is just a simple one as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Structure

Sand your dowel/rod if its wooden to make it easier to work with. If your are using chopsticks like I am, make sure to use a knife to separate them.

Step 4: Capacitor

This is what will store the energy to power your motor, make sure it is only a few grams to keep your plane aloft. Solder wires to it that will jun along the length of the structure.

Step 5: The Plugs

Solder your capacitor to the female plug, making sure that the polarity is correct. Use a 2xAA battery holder and connect your male plug to it, again, making sure the polarity is correct. After soldering, cover it with hot glue or epoxy.

Step 6: Main Frame

Glue the capacitor assembly to the dowel/rod with a generous amount of your favorite glue. Glue a clip to the front, a small wooden peg wood work great(don't use an alligator clip! It's too heavy!I just taped it instead). Wrap the wires around the frame to where the motor will be or thread it through if it's hollow. Put the propeller on the motor.

Step 7: Motor

Glue the motor on, lining it up as much as you can. Then wire it, make sure the propeller pushes air instead of pull. Once the direction is confirmed, solder and glue in place.


Test your creation and see if it flies!, if it drops, it's because it's too heavy, try to lighten it up. If it flies, then great! Although it may not look like it was factory built, it performs just like one. If you liked this instructable, then please vote for it in the papercrafts contest!

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