Introduction: DIY PROJECTOR UNDER 1$

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This DIY PROJECTOR is durable, inexpensive, and best of all, custom-crafted. You can create it on your own by just following some simple steps. This projector is also super easy to fix and redesign.

For past 3 months I used this design and it works flawlessly. When I first started this project, I started my ideas from scratch because it was challenging to find such a good projector which can provide more than 10X bigger image at such a cheap prise ( LESS THAN 1$).

Follow the steps below to make one for your own.

Step 1: Tools and Materials




4) TAPE.


Step 2: #STEP 1

Take a suitable cardboard box of suitable size (slipper
cardboard box) I used a box of size (9 x 15 x 32 cm) you can choose a box of any size according to your wish but keep in mind that the box should not be too wide or too narrow, rest you can alter accordingly like what I did my box has its one side of 15 x 15 cm which i made 15 x 9 cm. Also remember to keep only one side of the box open where you will attach your lens or parallel to the screen of your smart phone, and other side close (back of your smart phone).

Next thing that you need to do is that make slots for your smart phone which you will use in your projector for that just measure the size of your Smartphone and make two slots parallel to each other such that your phone fits into it you can use duct tape to make the fitting much more better and also you can add some tape inside so that your Smartphone does not move when you move your projector from one place to other.

Step 3: #STEP 3

Now take a piece of card board ( 15 x 15 cm ) and your convex
lens mark the outline of your lens in that cardboard and cut it out using a scissor and check that the lens fits in it accurately.

Now use tape in the edges of the hole that you cutout as shown in the images so that the less fits very well in its position and does not move from there, now place/fit the lens into its position.

Bend the cardboard from two ends such that it fits the opening of the box (9 x 15 cm).

Apply some tape to the portion of the cardboard that you have bend so moving of that column inside the box becomes smoother.

Now insert that piece of cardboard that you have made with the lens attached inside the box. And place you smart phone inside the box through the columns you have created earlier and test is by moving the piece of cardboard with lens attached forward ( away from your phone when screen on which you have to project the image is near ) and backward ( towards the phone if screen is far away ) inside a dark room.

#Note:- increase the brightness of your Smartphone to maximum for best results. And adjust the lens by moving the piece of cardboard slowly till you obtain a sharp image on the screen.

Step 4: #STEP 4

Now, when every thing is perfectly set then start coloring your
projector with your favorite color I choose black you can choose of your own. But remember to color inside of box with black color only as it does not reflects any of the light coming from your Smartphone.

Now, enjoy your projector.

#Thank you hope you like it.

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